Fedora 17 upgrade notes

Here are some personal notes on upgrading a home machine to Fedora 17 (beta).

The preupgrade requires about 165MB on /boot for the upgrade. This is in addition to whatever you needed to boot Fedora. I didn’t have enough space, and the preupgrade process didn’t warn me. This is a bug that wasn’t considered a blocker. I’m glad I treated the spew of “No space left on device” messages and python stack traces on the console rather than trusting the preupgrade dialog box that said “ready to reboot” into Beefy Miracle. So I aggressively removed all kernels except the active/current one. Moral of the story: if your boot partition is smaller than 200MB (200*2^20), preupgrade will probably not work.

For the record, I fully support release naming in Fedora and have no problems with Beefy Miracle or Spherical Cow.

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