HOWTO: Enable hibernate in gnome 3.6

I upgraded to Fedora 18 from Fedora 17 using FedUp recently, and I was dismayed to find that there was no more “Hibernate” option in the status menu, even though I had the alternative-status-menu extension installed. Apparently in their wisdom, the devs of that extension decided that the hibernate option should not be visible by default for users of said extension.

Thankfully, hibernate can be re-enabled. The extension’s page on describes how to do this:

Then use gsettings to turn on Hibernate: gsettings set allow-hibernate true

after you’ve installed the extension and enabled it. I’d like to note that you can do this “graphically” with dconf-editor, by browsing to org/gnome/shell/extensions/alternative-status-menu and setting allow-hibernate to true.

Part of the reason for this post is to give myself a record of how to fix this, because the instructions are in a comment, which could potentially scroll off and get buried under other comments.
Have fun!

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