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I write distributed database software. Coding is fun. Love learning languages (spoken and computer). Always looking for opportunities to use advanced math in work and daily life. github: wangd

Mystifying edit icon at Launchpad

I work with Launchpad every now and then, and today, I wondered why the little yellow icons that are supposed to mean “edit” look the way they do. Here is an example of what I mean: Many months ago, when … Continue reading

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Using git to collaborate on a paper

I’m working with others on a paper written in LaTeX.  It’s stored in a git repository.  I figured it would be easy for all of us to track and merge each other’s changes this way.  So my friend clones the … Continue reading

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Evaluating Kyoto Cabinet

Today, I wanted to see whether Kyoto Cabinet could do a better job with table lookups than MySQL. I have a 1.7+ billion row table in MySQL that has three columns, a 64-bit int and two 32-bit ints. This yields … Continue reading

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