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I am not a web dev. I am mostly in the dark with regards to utilizing the latest web technologies. If you’re actually starting a company, you’ll want to hire a real web-dev

But occasionally, I need to throw up a webpage/website quickly. And while I can write up some basic HTML with images, lists, headings, fonts, and links from scratch, I am not a “Javascript guru” or a “Rails ninja”. So at last weekend’s startup weekend, I struggled with the web-facing portions.

I’d like to maintain a short list of frameworks one might use to throw up something really quickly for a web-facing company.

  • Bootstrap: A CSS/JS front-end framework. Originally Twitter Blueprint
  • Twilio: A service for integrating with telecom(voice, SMS, MMS). This sounds simple, and it is, but it might be useful for bringing small bits of your product off the web and onto your phone.
  • AngularJS: A library for abstracting HTML5 to ease building dynamic pages. From Google.

Any suggestions? I’d like to maintain a *short* list of frameworks and tools that help get something off the ground. These may not be the same as the ones you use when you’re “serious” and have some sort of clue as to what you’re building.

Notes from last weekend: I think most of the teams used Bootstrap. One team used AngularJS, and it looked impressive. Our team used Groovy and Grails on top of MySQL and we had a working product.

Note to self: you don’t want to deal with SElinux problems on a startup weekend. That cost me a couple hours. *sigh*

Other frameworks I haven’t evaluated: YUI (Yahoo UI). Other tools: Highcharts (javascript charts).

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